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Wales Manor Winery and Vineyard - McKinney, TX



  • Wales Manor Winery & Vineyard - McKinney, Texas

Wales Manor Vineyard, established by John Wales in 1999, was the first commercial vineyard in Collin County and the northeastern area of the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas metroplex. Located adjacent to the city of McKinney, the 3 acre clay and limestone vineyard is used exclusively for Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve and Rose Wines.

Located on a hill which is one of the highest elevation points in Collin County Texas, Wales Manor Winery & Vineyard has continued its role of supporting the Texas Wine Industry by helping establish additional vineyards in Collin County.

Wales Manor Winery and Vineyard - McKinney, TX

The Texas Wine Industry has a rich history of which many are not aware. The history can be traced back to 1662 when the first vineyard and winery was established by Franciscan priests at the 'Mission of Ysleta' near El Paso. Texas presently ranks 5th as the largest wine producer, by volume, in the United States.

Wales Manor Winery & Vineyard again added to the Texas tradition when it opened the first commercial winery in Collin County, TX in 2003. From its humble beginnings as the first commercial winery / vineyard on Collin County, Wales Manor is now one of numerous local wineries.

Texas Wine - Toast a Rising Star

We are excited about the past, present, and future of the Texas Wine Industry and the role Wales Manor will continue to play in its history and growth. Our commitment to you is producing affordable wines that meet the quality standards deserving the stamp of TEXAS. We take pride in the production of our wines here at Wales Manor, striving to provide our customers & guests with an abundant wine selection that reflects and encompasses all that is great about the wonderful State of Texas.


Wales Manor Winery and Vineyard - McKinney, TX

Our selection of wines

Wales Manor offers a wide variety of wines to satisfy almost every palate. We, along with almost wine experts, strongly believe that a good wine starts in the vineyard with freshly harvested grapes (no concentrate). We do not hide the flaws in wines by the addition of flavoring, artificial additives, or sweeteners. Although Wales Manor owns an estate vineyard, it takes a lot of grapes to meet our production demands. From North, South, Central, East and West Texas, we are constantly seeking to sign grape contracts to fulfill our needs for Texas Grapes. Only the best vineyards in Texas are given contracts to sell fruit to Wales Manor. Again, a good wine starts in the vineyard! » Learn more about Wales Manor's wine selection.



Wales Manor Vineyard & Winery
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Wales Manor Winery and Vineyard - McKinney, TX


What do you do with a 150 year old bronze bell from a Catholic Church in South America? You build a 45 foot tall natural rock bell tower to use for weddings/concerts/events. The construction of the tower progressing.  Located between the patio area/small concert/wedding stage/new large concert/wedding stage and winery it is always in full view of the audience. Named THE TOWER OF ELEMENTS, it will have hand craved designs of the four elements of the world into the four corners of each entry. Not only will it be celebratory, but serve as a reminder that we owe our existence to our environment, which we must protect and cherish.



The lighting system was professionally designed by lighting guru Marc Meisenheimer; from Big Bear, California. When not working as a Lighting Designer and Directer for world-class festivals and jazz concerts at the Hollywood Bowl, Playboy Mansion, or lighting for television/film projects-such as Charmed, Titanic, and Pulp Fiction-to name a few, Marc can be found expanding his photography portfolio while hiking and climbing. The integration of the natural outdoors setting to compliment the stage for concerts and weddings was right down Marc's area of expertise. Wales Manor will be working with Marc to expand upon the basic system to include LED, laser, and pyro over the next year. Hopefully, the Stage will also be used for future film projects in the DFW Metroplex.


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