Wales Manor Winery & Vineyard | Commercial Wine Production Facility | Open to Public | McKinney, Texas

Commercial Wine Production Facility - open to the public!
Wales Manor Vineyard & Winery - McKinney, TX

Visit Wales Manor for an afternoon of fine wine and wine education.

Go on a tour of our commercial wine production facility, the first in Collin County Texas, and learn first hand how we cultivate, harvest,

produce and bottle our award winning line of Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve and Rose Wines.

After the tour, sit back and relax with a wine tasting, while you take in the view!

Wales Manor Winery and Vineyard - McKinney, TX


The Patio

For smaller outdoor functions or integrated within the facilities as a whole.

This area is surrounded by stone walls giving one the feeling sitting amongst 300 year old ruins. An ideal spot for an outside dinner or listening to music.

Wales Manor Winery - Vineyard Tours - McKinney, TX


Tasting Room

This is a wonderful space for small private parties and special events.

Doors open onto The Patio and Crush Pad for additional entertaining and overflow.

The Tasting Room Bar may be used to serve your wine needs and a remote bar may be set-up in The Patio.

Wales Manor Winery and Vineyard - McKinney, TX


Vineyard Field

This area, located between the Vineyard and Winery, provides a spectacular view of the vineyard.

We have the right size tent to meet your capacity needs. Weddings and large sit down dinners are the favorite for this location.

Wales Manor Winery and Vineyard - McKinney, TX


Tank Area

The 5,500 square foot winery is an actual wine production facility. Located within the winery is the wine tank area.

Imagine your guests eating amongst French Oak Barrels and Wine Tanks. Seating in the wine tank area is limited to about 40 persons.

The Winery is closed to events during our production and bottling operations.

Wales Manor Winery and Vineyard - McKinney, TX


The Knoll

This sloping hill, located beside the winery, has been a favorite for our larger festivals.

The site can accommodate up to 500 persons.

Sit on a picnic blanket or lawn chair and listen to the band of your choice, or take a more active role and dance the night away under the nightime Texas Stars.



Wales Manor Vineyard & Winery
4488 County Road 408
McKinney, Texas 75071 » map
(972) 542-0417




Wales Manor Vineyard and Winery Tasting Room - McKinney, TX


"We invite you to come enjoy a relaxing afternoon in our tasting room. This wonderful space is available for small private parties and special events. The doors open onto 'The Patio' where you and your guests can enjoy the many spacious and spectacular view from atop one of the highes points in Collin County TX." - John Wales, owner of Wales Manor

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